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Book 1 series BECOMING YOU. Chapter 1 provides you with several tools to give you more free time. It presents you with specific methods to separate and prioritize between tasks and keeping sharp. It also teaches you how to ask yourself the magic questions for creating ultimate outcome. The Focusing Matrix©, the Priority Matrix and the MyTime© tools will be your precious helpers in life ahead. Chapter 2 prepares you in several ways for the road to the change you desire. It emphasizes the critical difference between action and reaction, and it makes you see decision making in a new light. You will see how it is your responses to what happens to you, that really decides your accomplishments. By performing the specific tasks for this chapter, you will get a clearer view of what lies ahead and be better prepared.
Book 2 series BECOMING YOU. Chapter 1 delivers the ultimate tool MyGoal©, which may be just the decisive tool you have been missing in your earlier endeavors. The chapter helps you distinguish between a dream and a goal, describing how you in three parts transfer your dream into a real and effective goal. It makes you see those obstacles and setbacks as steppingstones, rather than roadblocks. Chapter 2 uncovers the “mystery of chemistry”. You will learn more about the elements that make up our individual personality, and you will see how this determines our personal way of communicating and relating to others. The personality profile chart presented has helped people improve results and strengthen teamwork since 1990. By understanding the characteristics and natural behavior of the archetypes of personalities you will be able to have productive collaboration with individuals as well as teams at all arenas in your life.
Book 3 series BECOMING YOU. Chapter 1 gives you the key to success in any career, business, or sales activity, as well as in daily life. It shows you how daily life and relations to others can be fundamentally improved. You will see how people really make decisions, and you will learn how you can get what you want by effective, positive communication. Making use of the presented knowledge and methods will certainly give you stronger influence on others and thereby make more impact on the decisions that are vital for your life quality. Chapter 2 helps you to face yourself in a sincere and direct way. It may be hard for you to give yourself priority when you have family, work and others who need your caring, help and time. However, you are the only one who can live your life, and you do deserve your affection and love. You will learn how to communicate explicitly yet respectfully to have accept for prioritizing yourself higher, including using that little “code” to free your me-time and mind.
Book 4 series BECOMING YOU. Chapter 1 provides you with a great tool that outlines where your enriching future lies and what you should avoid. The tool is simple and straightforward, yet it may prove to be one of your most important advisors. The chapter also focuses on one of the simplest yet often squandered resources we have for improvement and achievements, feedback! You will relate to all kinds of feedback with new eyes, turning feedback from your own actions as well as from people and outer circumstances into effective learning. Chapter 2 encourages you to think in ways that lead you towards the change and goal you desire. Your brain is a powerful instrument, and when you play it right it will serve you well. The simple, yet effective tool of finding and realizing your strengths provides the energy that your brain will thrive on. As a bonus this book 4 offers one free personality profile analysis performed online.
A sales book unlike any other. Instead of presenting general sales techniques and reiterating objections and buying signals, this book shows you 14 alternative reasons when you did not close the sale. You will learn what went wrong and how to break your sales records by avoiding these mistakes. You will gain profitable understanding as to why you should rethink traditional sales methods, buying signals and objections. You will learn more about the magic “chemistry” with the customer, and how to employ faster and more interesting sales meetings.
En salgsbok ulik alle andre. I stedet for å presentere generelle salgsteknikker og gjenta det du allerede kan om innvendinger og kjøpssignaler, viser denne boken deg 14 alternative årsaker når du ikke fikk salget. Du vil lære hva som gikk feil og hvordan du kan slå salgsrekordene dine ved å unngå disse feilene. Du vil se hvorfor du bør revurdere tradisjonelle salgsmetoder, kjøpssignaler og innvendinger. Du vil lære mer om den magiske "kjemien" med kunden, og hvordan du kan skape raskere og mer effektive salgsmøter.
ENGINEERING GOALS 16 steps making you reach your goal. Including the unique tool "MyGoal"
NÅ ER DET DIN TUR 16 steg som fører deg til målet. Inklusiv det unike verktøyet "MittMål"
RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION IN THE DIGITAL AGE Better results while saving time, efforts and money in the process
REKRUTTERING OG UTVELGELSE I EN DIGITAL TIDSALDER Bedre resultat og spart tid, arbeid og kostnad i prosessen
BEST I SALG (Audio) Bookboon Audio Learning Expertpert Talks med sentrale utdrag fra boken “14 årsaker til at du ikke fikk salget» Episode 1 Årsak 1: Påvirket du kundens Emosjonelle beslutningskraft? Årsak 2: Solgte du Totalproduktet? Episode 2 Årsak 3: Tilpasset du kommunikasjonen til kundens personprofil? Årsak 4: Utvidet du kundens Referanseramme tilstrekkelig? Episode Årsak 5: Fokuserte du bare på Egenskapene ved ditt produkt? Årsak 6: Benyttet du de to forskjellige spørsmålstypene riktig? (Nei; det er ikke Åpne og Ledende spørsmål) Episode 4 Årsak 7: Hvordan behandlet du kundens Behovssignal? (Det er ikke innvendinger) Årsak 8: Tok du tilbake styringen ved kundens Interessesignal? (Glem kjøpssignaler) Episode 5 Årsak 9: Hadde du en målrettet struktur og beholdt styringen gjennom salgssamtalen? Årsak 14: Gikk du i Informasjonsfellen? Episode 6 Årsak 10: Forsøkte du en betinget ordre? Årsak 11: Avklarte du myndighetsforholdet? Årsak 12: Beregnet du lønnsomhet sammen med kunden? Årsak 13: Sjekket du eventuell avtale med annen leverandør?