Innrammet Nu1JPG About Stein

Stein Erik Egeberg
(born 1956) is one of the most experienced coaches in Norway.

Stein began his career as an engineer in electrical power and distribution. He transferred the concept of power distribution to sales and staffing, and for the last 30 years has excelled in the development of “human power” distribution through courses, seminars, counseling and 1:1 coaching. He has inspired growth and positive development for both companies and individuals. He has contributed to greater acceptance and clarity on the subject of sales by establishing the Norwegian Sales School in 1989. 

Stein bases his work on the combination of engineering structure and methodology; a business economist's focus on values ​​and results; and the experience and insight from working 1:1 with people and processes. He has specifically immersed himself in the areas of decision psychology, personality profiles, influence, and communication.

Stein has also gained valuable experience from working internationally in Europe, Australia, Taiwan, UAE, and The United States. His broad background has made him a force within the field of customer communication and interaction.

Stein has written teaching materials on sales, communication, and personality profiles, and has developed various tools in management, sales, and recruitment. He has also written books about the art of life, goal achievement, and computer assisted recruitment. Stein has developed the ground-breaking online selection and recruitment tool, which is the first service to deliver the jobseeker’s personality profile in conjunction with the jobseeker’s professional resume and business background upon receipt of the application.

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Stein has worked with clients in a variety of industries including:

- Insurance

- Cleaning

- Kindergarten

- Finance

- Management

- Construction and real estate

- Electrical

- Photography

- Telecom

- Autos

- Industry / Production

- Automation

- Cruise and shipping

- Food

- Energy

- Teaching and training

- Plumbing

- Travel agency

- IT and data

- Skin and beauty

- Conference Center

- Culture and non-profit organizations

- Media

Transport and courier services