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Numberone has established a significant distinction between the various dissemination and learning situations, so it is easier for the client to decide which form is most appropriate.

Courses are characterized by presenting the participants with the most relevant subject matter possible through interactive discussion that allows the participants to problem solve along the way. While courses are conducted in many different areas, typically management, sales and communication are the focus.

Workshops give participants challenges. Participants break into smaller groups to  work out their solutions. These solutions are then discussed in plenary sessions to conclude the workshop. Typical themes are collaboration, team building, business development, product development, and best practices for business operations.

Training is based on potential situations that the participants might meet in their daily lives. Participants receive guidance through role-playing, presentations or other relevant tasks. Such practical training is very common in sales, customer care and presentations.

Seminars are essentially the presentation of a given topic. Participants can take notes during the presentation, but interaction is limited to a Q&A session at the end. Seminars are often shorter in duration ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Popular seminar topics include personal profiles and interaction, how to finally achieve your goal, computer-assisted recruitment, and using psychology as a basis for impactful sales.