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Counseling is usually combined with training and development efforts through a workshop or course. Counseling can also occur as an individualized custom arrangement related to business best practice and development. Counseling typically covers HR related to staffing and personnel, business strategy and planning, vision and goal definition, and customer relations and reputation including the use of customer surveys.

The term “coaching” is also used in the Norwegian language; however “coach” may well be replaced by supervisor, trainer and sparring partner. The basic point is simply that you get a person who can help you find the right course and then help you hold the course until you reach the end goal. During the journey, the coach is there to assist in developing alternative solutions, generating motivation, giving good input, and generally thinking outside of the box in which you stand. The coach is able to give advice and confirm positive results. Whether you need a pat on the back or a firm push from behind, the coach is there to answer your needs.