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A chatbot is now implemented into an increasing number of businesses. It takes over a part of customer communication that was previously performed by people, and it works non-stop 24 hours a day. Thus, it’s available to customers just when it suits the customer. The digital chatbot will be an effective colleague who will primarily be able to answer the most common questions from the customers. Eventually, the development of AI and language packages will make the chatbot even better. It will be able to handle ever more and complex requests. 

However, a smooth chatbot dialogue requires the bot's responses are structured and logically presented. Hence the bot must be properly trained to master the chat dialogue in such a way that the customer experiences the dialogue as natural and constructive.

Numberone supports people in the customer center to train their chatbot to perform a good job. Skilled customer service staff have invaluable experience and knowledge that the chatbot needs. It's exactly here Numberone assists; in the transfer of this resource from the human to the robot colleague.