Advisory services There is place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers – after the sale.”

Business development – from idea to profitable sales

A good idea and a promising concept will be improved further when you let in new impulses combined with broader experience. The chance of success will increase.

We contribute valuable experience and relevant skills as well as creative energy.
By bringing in complementary know-how and new perspectives, your project and your business challenge will be sharpened thus bring you to your goal faster and more accurately.

Short or long term contribution – it's only your specific challenge and your chosen time-plan that will decide.

Customer care – Establish your "Customer Satisfaction Barometer"

A number of businesses spend most of their sales efforts on winning new customers, despite the fact that it costs much more to win a new customer - than keeping an existing one!

One of the secrets behind a successful business, is that both the new-sales activities and the repeated-sales activities are being systematized and taken care of in a strategic and determined way.

Repeated sales require dedicated customer care – and excellent customer care requires a clear strategy and a specific plan as the basis of your activities.

We assist you in making an upgraded, specific plan for your customer care. Such a plan ought to include a "Customer Satisfaction Barometer" – enabling you to measure first, and secondly undertake effective, specific and targeted efforts.

A very important part of the customer care process is to get to know the customer’s true opinion of the "quality" delivered by your company. This makes customer surveys at regular intervals an important, strategic tool for your company.

Read more about cost-effective and strategic customer surveys here.

Sparringpartner – positive effect guaranteed

Every single day you have to make a number of decisions regarding your business goals, staff, customers, products and services. Some may be quite easy, while others require a clear mind, courage as well as guts - and they will have significant consequences for your business and yourself. As an executive, nobody can remove the responsibility from your shoulders, but the more secure you feel about the decision making, and the more wise and correct your decisions turn out to be, the brighter your future will seem.

When you invest some time to discuss with an experienced and open minded sparringpartner, you will see positive things happen; you will be provided with genuine and diversified visions, new ideas and a boost of energy. Either one of two positive effects will show up: Either you will benefit from added input improving and adjusting your way of considering and deciding. Or your prepared decision will stand out even more convincing bringing you further security.

When you open up for our sparring, rest assured that your partner is a great listener, fully loyal and naturally keeps every discussion completely confidential. You will experience a broader horizon and achieve a sharper focus – resulting in a positive personal outcome and significant business achievements.

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